Horoscope de demain geminin

Take the time to see what suits you best, take the time to do good by yourself, to pay attention to your aims, your thoughts, your desires and your needs. Think about yourself.

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Mars restructures your ideas, helps you get to the bottom of things, to take into consideration the changes that are taking place in you, to change the way in which you work by putting you deeper into it. Visualize your root chakra to anchor yourself more in the subject. Accept your emotions, listen to your doubts. Doubts further you more than you think. Saturn resumes its forward march in your relationship sector.

More pressure, more demands of perfection for your partner, more searching for the perfect being. You allow yourself to experience pleasure, to laugh, to breathe, to share. Jupiter in your professional sector gives your the necessary enthusiasm to start something new and constructive. Saturn frees you from your fears and the chains that prevented you from moving forward in your professional path.

You become aware of your power as a woman and your power of persuasion. Develop a holistic approach to life, take control of your movements and thoughts whilst instilling kindness, spirituality and gentleness into your life. Saturn lifts a veil on your loves, offers you the possibility to build a new story, a new structure, a new emotional state. No more brakes, no more doubts, fears, no more apprehension. You welcome others with kindness, gentleness and with open ears. The field of possibilities is open to you.

Open up your heart wide, let your generosity blossom. Mercury and Venus help you to release your full potential, to abandon your anxieties, to let your gifts, your strengths, your gentleness and your clairvoyance emerge.

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Let things come to you, nothing happens by chance. Be receptive, welcome what comes up. Do not force anything.

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You have all the cards in hand to start a new chapter in your life. Saturn advances and draws on your resources to externalize your impressions and extract your from an anxiety-inducing situation that prevented your from evolving.

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You manage to get the necessary messages across to unlock misunderstandings. You are implementing a new strategy to acquire a certain notoriety.

Your progress is in progress. Your morale is rising. Your passion and enthusiasm are spread around you.


Your talent is just waiting to be expressed, your hearty generosity is expanding. The very process of life is infused in you.

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Be present with everything you do. With Mars in your pro secrotr, you crush everything in your way, the desire to do well and the ability to demonstrate your power as a woman is felt.

Safire-Project-Results Horoscope

Saturn resumes its forward progression in your sign and it feels good. No more breaking, prevention, stagnation, feeling of standstill and frustration. You move forward without question. Any creative endeavour will be a wonderful outlet for you and will also be received well by others.

Today's Readings for You

You may feel dissatisfied and restless which is why it is crucial to practice self-care. This is a week to take some decisions regarding your love life. Chances are, you will be too busy having fun and forget about the future of your relationship. Avoid getting stuck in a difficult situation with your partner by discussing things in advance. Towards the end of the week you may not be in a great mood and might even get into a heated debate with your partner over a minor issue. This week you may be a bit confused about certain issues at your work front. You may be undecided about certain important decisions that you need to make regarding a new project.

Use your creative skills to the maximum to further your career this week. Financially, this may not be such a great week for you.