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Male is connected to weapon, sword, minerals, strong wind, storm, hurricane, speed and execution. Rat is in the Water group. Rat contains Yin Water. Metal Golden Rat is armored Rat. Yin Water is rain. The Metal of Rat is the strong wind. Metal Rat is the sign of a heavy rainstorm. The characteristics of Metal Rat are bold, aggressive, talented, witty, eloquent, tactical and creative.

Metal Rat is good at expression, speech, distinguish opinions, influencing people's minds. The Zodiac Metal Rat will prone to stress and fear, and can become short-tempered. Metal Rat may have a difficult and challenging childhood or young adulthood, so it should avoid living alone and away from family.

The Zodiac Metal Rat will be more successful in small business. It's over-ambitious will cause too much stress and lead to failure. Metal Rat should set realistic goals and work hard. The Zodiac Metal Rat may be difficult to become independent. Metal Rat will live happier if marry an older and more mature person.

For a man, he should marry a woman older than him. For a woman, she should marry a man at least 7 years older. If too close in age, they tend to argue often or become depressed. The Zodiac Metal Rat will always be constrained by a significant person in life, such as your parents when you are young, spouse after marriage, your children after they are grown, or boss at work. Complete Chinese Zodiac Prediction for Rat. The following is the Chinese Baby Calendar for Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart , which is for women to choose the baby gender before pregnancy. This listing of lunar months helps women to find when the Chinese Lunar Months start and end.

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If planning for a baby of the Cow next year, then women can choose the conception's lunar month for the desired baby gender. Remember that is the following lunar months are calculated using the China time zone. Chinese Lunar Months are different from different time zones. The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction does the calculations of birthday, Chinese age, lunar month and time zone before determining the correct baby gender.

Lunar Month 1 begins from January 25, to February 22, Lunar Month 2 begins from February 23, to March 23, Lunar Month 3 begins from March 24, to April 22, Lunar Month 4 begins from April 23, to May 22, Professional astrologer and author Carolyne Faulkner says that in numerology terms the number two signifies resolve and strength, while in astrology the number two is ruled by Venus.

An astrologist has revealed how the perfect date for couples to marry in is February the 20th, explaining how numerology and astrology have come together for the ideal day stock image used.

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According to Carolyne, the She continued: 'In particular, is set to be a particularly fortuitous time to enter into lasting partnerships and official commitments such as marriage. Explaining how the combination of Aquarius and Jupiter is coming together for the first time since the free-spirited decade of the s, Carolyne explained how would be the year for moving forward.

She said: 'Saturn has been in its native sign of Capricorn since which put pressure on us all to review the aspects of our lives that required hard work, and to only continue putting energy into people and commitments that aligned with our deeper natures, or souls if you like. Revealing how this could mean that couples marrying in are more likely to last, she continued: 'Therefore, couples who survived this hard astrological two year stance and stood firm in their resolve to officially unite are not only more likely to weather any storms but to grow together; mentally and spiritually.

Professional astrologer and author Carolyne Faulkner believes the Marsha-Ann Brown of Sandals Resorts added: 'February is often a popular month for wedding ceremonies at our resorts, which can be put down to a number of key factors, between the peak season Caribbean weather and Valentine's Day falling on 14th February. She added: 'A lot of couples who book weddings at our resorts do have preferences about dates, whether they want a date which includes numbers that are special to them as a couple or if there are numbers that they want to avoid, like the number The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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  • Share this article Share. Peter Thatchell ; Socialist politician and gay activist. Verbally they may cut in too quickly and swoop into argument prematurely. Technically they can be very proficient with a good eye for detail. Jimmy Page ; British guitarist of rock band Led Zeppelin. Giacomo Puccini ; Italian classical composer. Vanessa Redgrave ; British actress and humanitarian. Shakira ; Singer-songwriter, Musician and dancer.

    Lead a life of excess, scandal, licentiousness and extravagance. Marina Macario ; Astrologer and illustrator who has been known to write a few tunes; Purple Kitchens. Maurice Utrillo ; French cityscape painter. Henri Matisse ; French painter. Unrealistic expectations of others leading to disappointment in an idea or person. It is rather unusual that there should be so many for Vega. It may be a case of Venus overdose, where Vega can be become like negative Taurus. When there is too much gaudiness, make-up or plastic surgery one can look rather grotesque. Venus on Vega can tend towards the ostentatious.

    These subjects are the ones most likely to drive flashy cars, carry expensive designer handbags or have a trophy spouse.

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    Robert Kennedy ; American politician and civil rights activist who like his President brother was assassinated and also tended towards infidelity. Bjork ; Elfin Icelandic singer-songwriter known for her emotional, raw and eccentric vocal delivery. She was stalked by an obsessive fan who sent her a letter bomb and then killed himself.

    Mostly it is much like Mercury on Vega, musical and vocal talent and the ability to charm, a great storyteller, but the ability to tell great lies also. Harold Shipman ; British doctor and the most prolific serial killer in history with plus victims. All were his patients.

    You can see great achievement here without any negative manifestations.

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    Mars is aspirational here, with also the talent to back it up. These subjects may start off as an apprentice to someone they admire, but then become more famous than their hero. Plays guitar. Alexander Graham Bell ; American scientist whose deaf wife and mother influenced his research on hearing which in turn led to the invention of the telephone.

    Katherine Hepburn ; American actress known for her fearless persona and pushy independence. Kelly Osbourne ; British fashion designer and singer, daughter of rockstar Ozzy. The claw stars also seem to have the same success as Vega above, although Sulaphat can be a little more ruthless in its pursuit for fame, being quick to seize any opportunities that put them under the media spotlight.

    Conversely they may attract that from others also because they feel they need to buy their lovers affection. Emperor Nero ; Infamous eccentric Emperor and lyre player who loved the theatre and was a champion of the arts.

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    Rik Mayall; British anarchic alternative comedian. Christina Aguillera ; American singer-songwriter and TV celebrity. Hallo, i have a question. Hello Marina, nice post! It is an interesting perspective, as many, although admire these bright stars aldebaran, sirius, spica, etc.. Although i believe there are thousands and thousands of people like me, i found out My ASC in Cappy 14 degrees and a few min conjuncts Vega within one degree, and Mars and Mercury sit in the light of Sheliak at 18 degrees capricorn although astro.

    We share the same AC degree, 14 degrees and 46 minutes. My AC is conjunct Vega too. Mars conjuncts my AC from the 12th house. This makes my SN conjunct Spica. I wonder how much our lives vary and seem alike. Donna, are you an artist?

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    Is second house ruled by Saturn or Jupiter? I am a Vega Mercury and Mercury is my chart ruler. I think it is hard to talk about the north node without more information about the chart. I am pretty fascinated with the north node because I am so interested in reincarnation, and the nodes to me are very much about past life gifts and challenges.