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You can't be impatient. Most of all, you shouldn't be afraid, because in the end there is nothing to fear. You just have to surrender to the mysterious process of complete and total transformation. This is about to happen to the United States as we deal with an opposition of Pluto in the sign of Capricorn to our Cancer sun. And while Cancers and Capricorns will be most strongly affected by this planetary motion, we will all be touched in business as well as in our personal lives, no matter what sign we were born under.

Because of Pluto's slow motion through the heavens—it takes it nearly years to go through the 12 signs of the Zodiac—it rules over mass movements and great political and social changes. So it might be useful to look at what happened the last time Pluto passed over the position it holds now and will hold for the next 20 years. Sometime in the s, pamphlets began to circulate in the colonies, exploring new ideologies and belief systems concerning individual liberty and personal freedom.

Sun in Cancer: Love It or Hate It

Harmless enough. Just philosophers spouting rehashed versions of ancient Greek and Roman notions. But the Crown over in England looked upon such doings as seditious. Mother England, once the great protector, was beginning to be the great drag. She wanted payback for all the protection she'd provided. That was when the colonists, starting to exhibit the collective traits of a Cancer nation, came to resent their mother's hold on them.

She was getting a little too bossy. And greedy. Clearly, something was happening up in the heavens. Pluto was just about to leave the sign of Sagittarius and enter the sign of Capricorn. A transformation was taking place. And so, the United States of America was born. Something similar is happening again, years later, as Pluto is coming around to the same spot. This time, however, it's the American government that is putting the squeeze on the people. A Pluto-style transformation doesn't happen overnight, and events that seem at first random and explosive don't come out of nowhere.

They have been brewing and simmering for years. While many people will probably be nervous wrecks during the two turbulent decades ahead, many old hippies will come joyfully out of retirement, thankful that the revolution they quit their jobs for 40 years ago may finally be happening. And their kids, born in the 60s and 70s, who grew up embarrassed by their hippie parents, may be shocked to see how right their parents were. When Pluto goes direct in September of this year, the religious zeal, or madness, that has taken hold since it entered Sagittarius in will reach a crescendo, ushering in a period dominated by the sign of Capricorn.

Our "dialogue" with radical Islam has only just begun.

Alexander Acosta

Over the next 19 years or so, America as a Cancer nation will have to deal with troubling confrontations and competition such as it has never known, as well as an internal political struggle, all of which will shake us to our very core. Capricorn can be pictured as the mustache-twirling landlord in a black cloak pointing outside toward the blizzard while a poor pregnant wretch begs for mercy.

Capricorn forces one to grow up, face life, recognize that it's a tough world. It lends you a dime and asks for a dollar in return. It can be the sign of an inspired leader or a controlling, dominating fascist. It can support your existence or threaten it completely. Either way, the presence of Capricorn always indicates big business.

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And what is America about if not that? Capricorn represents supremacy and power. And if Capricorn is not the most humanitarian sign of the Zodiac, it always means stability. Capricorn supports organized society, not rabble-rousing anarchy. It is often perceived as uptight and reactionary, mainly because its function is to uphold existing law. It is not progressive or forward-thinking. It clearly represents the deep streak of conservatism that has always existed in the United States but that seems to be ascendant at the moment.

If Capricorn protects the status quo, how did it help sow the seeds of revolution in the original colonies? There's the problem. And the answer? It was not just the presence of Capricorn in America's horoscope, it was the presence of Pluto in that sign that sparked the fight for freedom.

Reclaim the American Dream

If you think that things are tough now, and that privacy and other personal liberties are being infringed upon, just wait. During the next 19 years, things are going to get much tighter. A baby born today has a Sun in Libra and a Moon in Capricorn until p. Today in History, Oct. Local News. Box truck involved in dumping of cooking oil in Naugatuck returned Capitol Report. Community News. Floral designer holds autumn design program Community. Oxford Greens goes pink Community. Woodbury Firefighters serve up an adventurous dinner Community.

Linked to the 11th house, Aquarius represents the sign of hopes, dreams, and wishes. A shift in the cosmic calculus is decidedly underway. It may seem like a long time before Pluto and Neptune change signs in I happen to think that the next Great Conjunction that once every year alliance between Jupiter and Saturn will set the stage.


Aquarius represents that 3rd way. Uranus serves as the active agent if revolution is on the menu whether the great shift impacts technology, consciousness, or political systems. That means its pathways always stand outside of Orthodoxy. The Aquarian Ethos comes to life in those brave souls who challenge established systems of gridlock. Whether they counter political orthodoxy, the current scientific consensus, or the boundaries of religious thought, Aquarius inspires new invention and humane departures from often-brutal traditions. These sorts of bold initiative are now being deliberately opposed, legally thwarted, and penalized by Old Conservative interests.

The grip of global elites is furthered through centralized banking, trade agreements, energy consortiums, and massive high-tech agricultural corporations. These entities are to 21st century citizens what the pharaohs were to the enslaved Egyptian hordes.

Native American Zodiac Signs & Their Meaning

They typically trash the natural resources that belong to all posterity. As the cosmic squeeze tightens with Neptune and Pluto turning the screws on Aquarius, millions of people will rebel through all sorts of spontaneous actions. Countless persons who love liberty, discovery, and new possibilities will find their better angels galvanized and work in their own ways to break the grip of the current Neptune-Pluto vice. It may be 7 years before the Aquarian tide rises and its ideals become the norm.

Horoscope | Republican-American

The merger between Jupiter and Saturn December 20, should break the old gridlock that grants exceptional rights and privileges to corporations. Apart from , each Great Conjunction since took place in an earth sign! No wonder that law, itself, was held hostage to gross material interests at the expense of everything else! Since the two planets directly responsible for the law of the land have met regularly in earth signs, for more than a century property rights have trumped human rights. That will not remain the case after I envision a global body that will establish a World Constitution that will enshrine basic rights for all persons.

In addition, as Evo Morales of Bolivia has wisely advised, the time has come to also enshrine into law, the rights of Mother Nature Pacha Mama. This would mean that those ecosystems precious to all sentient life would no longer serve as profitable collateral damage for corporate predators. South America has been on the cutting edge of Aquarian precepts. Those who flock to these gatherings identify with and likely embody the principle of Uranus.

They understand what the next phase for humanity will require. They may not yet have all the answers, but they are open to the discovery process that will yield them. After all, Serendipity favors the prepared mind. In contrast, astrology observes the circle in the place of the line. The wisdom borne from sacred geometry points the way to all sorts of resolutions.

Might it have been possible for humanity to avert the new Surveillance State that Pluto Capricorn in mutual reception with Saturn Scorpio so quickly ushered in? Or must the rubber band be pulled this tightly in order to generate a vast collective burst? From the energy of this release, a great wave of creativity will rise to usher in the innovations the times cry out for. A Great Plan has been put into motion that expresses through the Astro-Logos; and its Designer, the Great Cosmic Clockmaker purposely placed the repressive sign of Capricorn right before that of Aquarius for a reason.

Everything in the manifest world works in cycles, and the magnificent oceans reveal an inspired lesson. Think about that for a moment. Presently, it may seem that a great many hard won liberties have been rescinded never to return. Sensitive souls may also notice that the most primitive, atavistic responses are being coaxed to the surface in people, and thereby rewarded.

Consider that these rollbacks are proof positive that a new momentum is gathering, and it will lead to a mighty massive lunge forward! We note that our earth is populated by two genders. Together, they make life. The time has come for men and women to develop genuine partnerships.

No longer can fish swim against fish. Harmony can instead happen! One goal of my book, Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time was to integrate the Zodiac signs with their mythological counterparts. It was apropos to break the rules when it came to Aquarius. Perhaps the reverse also holds true: that he serves as metaphor for the Son of God, and he happens to have a twin sister. Her name is Artemis. The pair is reminiscent of Luke and Leah from Star Wars. As twins, both share the same source; so if that source is Divine in nature, then Divinity extends to both.

I believe the Earth calls out to her daughters to claim their rightful Divinity. I also see a resonance between the archetype of Artemis and the rise of the Aquarian Age. This Age will establish an ethos that honors the sacredness of each human being. I observe the rise of Artemis-Aquarius when Egyptian streets are full of women protesters. They are bravely resisting the practices of industrial agriculture, the ones that leave the placental earth devoid of vital force.

She rises when Bianca Jagger gives voice to the Amazonian tribes who work diligently to oppose a massive dam project that will destroy the Amazon, their own livelihoods, and the vast network of miraculous ecosystems that dwell there. Indigenous people remind us that another way of life is possible. Perhaps the modern world must learn this truth since the price of war and global warming is already proving higher than what anyone formerly imagined. As human beings, our learning adventure calls for many lifetimes.

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  • That means we will inevitably cross paths with all sorts of persons. It behooves us to think like the family members who must take care of their timeshare vacation resort knowing they will return to it. It is also wise to take care of one another. And since friendship is sacred unto Aquarius, that prospect will develop greatly in decades to come.

    The quote below comes from a speech he delivered at the United Nations in At that time, stinging from the wounds of war, leaders were willing to listen to a message based on Peace as life model.